Welcome to The First Ohio Company of The Jamestowne Society!

A message from the Governor:

In spring of 2013, I was honored to be elected Governor of the First Ohio Company of the Jamestowne Society.  I have since had the opportunity to visit Historic Jamestowne with other Governors and offices of the Societies from around the country.  I am so very excited about about the important work going on right now to explore the archaeological site Jamestowne, and about the restoration project of the church tower, still standing from the 1639 church.

As an organization, we honor the memory and sacrifices of America's brave settlers to give our nation its roots; but we look to the future as well -- preserving and rediscovering artifacts that bring the Jamestowne period to life.

We have lively meetings with interesting speakers, trips to historic sites, and great interaction with others who share our interest in America's rich history.

We welcome you! If you have an interest in joing us, please be in touch!

Jane Mitakides
Governor, The First Ohio Company of The Jamestowne Society



Contact the national society at:

Officers of the First Ohio Company:

Governor:  Jane Mitakides
Lt. Governor: Mrs. Kaira Rouda
Secretary: Mr. Mark Tucker
Treasurer: Mrs. Katherine Moody
Chaplain: Mr. Richard Willson
The First Ohio Company of

The Jamestowne Society

The Jamestowne Society members are descendants of Jamestowne adventurers, founders and early settlers. Anyone with direct descent from an ancestor who lived or worked in the colonial town prior to 1700 is eligible for membership.  And while we are a "by invitation only" society, we are a welcoming society, so please be in touch if you have an interest in membership.

First Ohio Company is one of a growing number of companies of
The Jamestowne Society. It is composed of members of the Society who are interested in associating with other members in Ohio. Any member of the Jamestowne Society is welcome to join our company.

Do you think you might be eligible but aren't really sure?  Don't hesitate to investigate further!  A list of qualifying ancestors and f
urther information about qualifications for membership can be found at review the qualifications for joining.

And be sure to check our "Meetings and Members" page -- those who are not already members but who might like to learn more are welcome to attend!

Anne Stokes Moore, Gov. Rick Hollis of Tennessee, Ryan Burnette and John Mitakides at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the First Ohio Company of the Jamestowne Society.  






















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